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Bringing Practice, Law, and Values Together

Bringing Practice, Law, and Values Together

(p.265) 6 Bringing Practice, Law, and Values Together
After Civil Rights
John D. Skrentny
Princeton University Press

This chapter suggests several possible principles for reform that could guide attempts to bring law and practice closer together in a way that accepts at least some racial realism but is also in line with American values. Racial realism has after all become deeply embedded in American society, penetrating not only national discourse but also workplace practices. Ultimately, the chapter sets out, not to banish the specter of racial thinking from the workplace, but to emphasize efforts to keep jobs open to all, encouraging employers and the government to have awareness of and take responsibility for the negative impacts of racial-realist management strategies, and efforts to shape the regulatory incentive structure so as to encourage movement toward these goals.

Keywords:   racial realism, American values, race, employers, government, racial-realist management

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